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Hope Rehab Thailand Price

Hope Rehab Thailands Price

We understand that Hope Rehab Thailands price is a significant factor for clients and their families. Therefore, we are determined to keep our price low as possible without affecting the quality of treatment or your clinical safety.

Hope Rehab Thailand Price

Hope Rehab Thailand Price

A Precious Opportunity to Change

Ending an addiction could be one of the most important steps you or your loved one ever takes. This is a life-changing event that can make all the difference when it comes to health, family, career, and relationships. We believe that those who are caught up in this kind of situation are dealing with a life-threatening disease that needs to be treated as seriously as other conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

This opportunity to end an addiction may be a once-in-a-lifetime event. We always tell our clients to never assume that they will get another chance to change their life because in some cases they won’t. In this battle against denial, despair, and hopelessness, the willingness to change is a precious commodity. It is for this reason that we have done all we can to create a program that we believe provides the best possible chance of recovery.

The Price of Rehab – Where Does the Money Go?

We are committed to providing quality treatment at an affordable price, but are not willing to cut costs in such a way that it would mean providing an inferior program. The fact that our community is based in Thailand does mean that certain overheads cost less than they would be in most western countries, and it is this that makes our program so competitively priced. Our clients usually tell us that Hope Rehab Thailand is significantly cheaper than similar options in their own countries (even after you factor in additional expenses such as airfares), and our own research confirms this.

Our biggest expense at Hope Rehab Thailand goes on payroll for a team capable of delivering our program. We only employ professionals with the necessary experience and credentials. Our international reputation means that we have no shortage of people wanting to work for us. We receive a constant flow of job applications, and we are careful to only choose the best of these – people who fit in well with the our vision and commitment to evidence-based treatment. At Hope we are also committed to paying our Thai staff (an incredibly hardworking bunch of people) a fair wage.

When it comes to our facilities, we put a great deal of thought into getting the balance right between offering a suitable level of comfort and keeping costs down. We are lucky to be located in an area of incredible natural beauty, and we have invested in projects we think are important such as a new swimming pool, fitness areas, sauna room, intern office, and large events room.

We also decided from the beginning that delicious homemade food (Thai and western) is an important part of the Hope experience, so this is another expense where there is not much room for compromise.

Each client gets their own private room, and we provide daily domestic services including room cleaning and laundry. Activities such as Muay Thai, Yoga, personal training, Thai massage, and outings are an additional expense that we are glad to provide.

Can You Afford Not to Go to Hope Rehab Thailand?

Maybe the real question should be if you can afford not to choose Hope Rehab Thailand. By now, you have likely researched what is available and seen for yourself that private treatment for alcohol and drug addiction does not come cheap. When you compare what we are offering with other options, you will see that our price is competitive.

Are There Any Discounts Available at Hope Rehab Thailand?

Generally speaking, the longer your stay at Hope Rehab Thailand, the more affordable it becomes. There is less room for discounts for clients in our one-month program, but we can usually reduce the price for second and third month clients. We recommend that you stay with us for at least two-months to give yourself the best chance of long-term recovery.

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