Accommodation at Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab offers clean and comfortable accommodation for you: The rooms are all newly built or newly renovated, spacious, comfortable, clean, and cozy. We have 32 en-suite rooms with wifi.

Your comfort is important to us for personal and therapeutic reasons. Here at Hope, we recognise the part that restful sleep plays in the recovery process. Whether you’re in one of the mansion bedrooms, the newly built accommodation or the 140-year-old traditional Thai house, you have your own bedroom with shower facilities. All rooms have either sea or garden views, and your privacy is assured. The rooms are equipped with independent AC and Wifi. Your room will be cleaned daily, and full laundry service is provided as well.

Hope does not approve of the concept of luxury rehab. We believe it is the wrong approach for addiction treatment. This is because humility and modesty are key components for a successful recovery. However, we are a 5 star treatment program which is a different type of luxury. Of course our facility and accommodation is unique, homely and perfect to get well in.

The Advanced program has a separate facility situated by the sea, opposite Hope’s main site. After a client completes primary treatment of 6 to 8 weeks depending on detox duration, they will be moved across to our advanced facility on the sea.

The spirit of recovery is all about the group and the newcomer so Hope Rehab needs to bring in new clients to make the treatment process work. The lowering price structure is to encourage longer treatment and client flexibility. At Hope Rehab we have three stages and levels of room allocations. Some clients start treatment with detox. So the first stage are the detox rooms in the main house or as near as possible. Next level are the standard rooms spread out across the facility. After approximately 6 weeks you may be moved to the Senior Rooms at Hope by the Sea and definitely for your third month. If staff deem a client suitable for earlier changes we will request your cooperation to change rooms. This compliance is of the upmost importance for Hope Rehab to make sure we have enough detox rooms available for the new incoming clients. Please understand that the flow of room changes is non-negotiable however we will do our best to help you whenever we can. We strive to make you comfortable and limit room changes as much as possible. If a client is unwilling to comply with the necessary room changes at the appropriate stage of treatment we will be forced to discharge them to prevent a grid lock with new admissions. We fully understand change can be difficult and appreciate your help, remember this is all good practice for your future.

Beautiful view from my room. spacious rooms very comfy beds and lovely linen, pillows. Amazing beach, lovely gardens, really nice pool area and great spa too and perfect Service!

– Rene

Boat House

Old Thai House

White House

Hill House

5 star expensive luxury resort style rehabs are not the solution for addiction, alcoholism or anxiety and depression. Instead a more stimulating and challenging setting encourages growth and humility.
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