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How Self-Hypnosis Increases Positive Change

Our conscious mind is like the monkey who is giddy on power and constantly barking commands, but it is really our unconscious mind that determines our behavior. The reason why so many of us struggle to make positive changes in our life is because our monkey doesn’t have the cooperation of our elephant.

How Self-Hypnosis Increases Positive Change2020-10-16T11:41:21+07:00

Healing the Whole

Our past lives, all our experiences are fixed in time and cannot be changed, they are a part of us and help to make us who we are, which is as it should be. However, there are two things we can change. How we view our past and how we feel about it.

Healing the Whole2020-08-21T08:20:40+07:00

Benefits of Online Counselling in These Stressful Times

Have you ever considered online counselling for your addiction problem? Hope Rehab Thailand is now offering this option. Benefits of this kind of assistance include: accountability, non-judgmental support, motivation, therapy, and the opportunity to develop tools for dealing with cravings, anxiety, and emotions.

Benefits of Online Counselling in These Stressful Times2020-09-12T10:11:38+07:00

Don’t Fight this Battle Alone with Online Mindfulness Training

You have been told all your life to fight your own battles, but when you confront an addiction, it means going to war with yourself. Going it alone often involves frustration and disappointment until eventually you lose all hope of being able to change. Online mindfulness training offers the support you need to succeed

Don’t Fight this Battle Alone with Online Mindfulness Training2020-08-17T18:23:28+07:00

Online Therapy Hope Rehab

Ultimately, at it’s core, counselling and psychotherapy is about the relationship between the counsellor and the client. I’ve never found the therapy itself to be a struggle or our ability to develop a therapeutic relationship any more challenging than in the face to face environment.

Online Therapy Hope Rehab2020-08-28T09:00:32+07:00