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Brief Legal Disclaimer

Successful recovery from addiction requires an honest and ethical relationship with reality, and our approach to the services we provide at Hope Rehab is based on this principle. This determination to do things the right way not only protect us, but more importantly, it protects those we serve. Therefore, we are committed to strictly complying with all applicable legal and ethical obligations such as:


  • Local law (i.e. Thai law).

  • The professional code of conduct for each of the professions we belong to at Hope (e.g. Nursing Code of Conduct).

  • Copyright law.

  • Terms of service applicable to online communication (e.g. Google policy).

If you suspect we are in breach of any of our legal or ethical obligations, please contact us and we will give your concerns our urgent attention.

How to Treat Information Found on this Website

Almost all of the content found on this website has been written by members of the team, ex-clients, or volunteers. We do our best to only provide information that is factual, relevant, and useful, but we all have our own opinions and beliefs about things, and you need to keep this in mind when reading our content.

The information here on the Hope website is NOT meant to be used as a substitute for medical advice. If you need a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, you are advised to speak to a doctor or suitable medical professional.

All of our content has been written specifically for Hope Rehab, but we do occasionally make use of quotes or other references – when this happens, we are careful to mention our sources. We also sometimes use logos of the organizations we belong to either as individuals or as Hope Rehab.

We sometimes link to other websites if we feel the content could be of value to our readers. It is important to understand we have no control over these external links and our link should not be viewed as any type of endorsement. When you access these other services, you will be subject to their rules and conditions.

We do sometimes use images that are available under a Wikimedia Commons license. If we mistakenly use an image that is not covered by this license (e.g. it is no longer under this License), please contact us, and we will remove this image immediately.

All Rights Reserved

We are a friendly bunch at Hope Rehab, but we need to protect ourselves from those who would try to illegally profit from our hard work. This is where the ‘all rights reserved’ notification comes in. We expect our intellectual property rights and copyright to be respected, and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure this happens. This applies to all of the content on the Hope Rehab website (, and to all of our correspondences (unless stated otherwise).

We are in the process of copyrighting and registering our trademark related to this website and our service.


We promise to do everything possible to secure any personal data we have about relating to you, but we can’t take responsibility in those instances where the access to this information was beyond our control (e.g. Facebook).

False Information or Slander Directed at Hope Rehab

False information directed at Hope Rehab can not only harm us but also our clients – we need to take it seriously. If we discover any intentional false information published online or in hard-copy, we will take immediate legal action – e.g. slander origination from a competitor (even where there is an attempt to do this anonymously) may be considered a criminal offense in Thailand.

Should you have any questions regarding our disclaimer or would like more information on our program and treatment at Hope Rehab, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form below.


    Should you have any questions regarding our disclaimer or would like more information on our program and treatment at Hope Rehab, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form below.

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