How Online Addiction Counselling Can Help a Family Member

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Online Addiction Counselling Can Help a Family Member

by Hope Rehab Team

Helping Your Loved One Now?

Please Note: Using our latest online help that we are providing is not meant to replace or substitute actually being at Hope Rehab itself for detox and treatment. Hope Rehab is where you experience the powerful realizations and unity working together as a group, learning to work as a team, or the face-to-face intimate relationship with your counsellor. Part of what makes Hope one of the best treatment centers is our secure environment and unique atmosphere, the Thai culture, the diverse team, the facility and accommodation, the food, sharing the everyday lessons learned by living in our community, also all our many recourses and much much more…we do understand this! — However, our online program that we have (initially used for aftercare) now also used for pre-Rehab preparation due to delays in getting here is working very well and is now part of our package.

Are You Having Trouble Communicating With a Loved One Who Is Dealing With an Addiction Issue?

What do you say to a family member or friend who is struggling with a drug problem? How do you persuade a loved one that his or her drinking has gotten out of hand? The sad reality is that this kind of conversation tends to end in frustration, and it can easily turn confrontational.

One of the barriers we face when trying to communicate with those who are caught up in addiction is denial. This is an unconscious psychological mechanism that operates to protect your loved one from the reality of the situation. It is part of the disease of addiction. Denial can mean that everything you say to this person about the problem gets twisted and distorted. It can make effective communication impossible.

The Value of Online Addiction Counselling for a Family Member or Friend

Addiction counsellors are professionally trained to get through to clients who are in denial about their addictive behaviors. This kind of counselling can help in a number of ways such as:

  • Assessment (helping clients to see the reality of their current situation)

  • Motivational interviewing (motivating clients to change behavior)

  • Treatment planning

  • Coping strategies (it is often a lack of coping strategies that is driving the addictive behavior)

  • Tools for managing emotions and behaviors

  • Talking therapy – just being able to talk in a safe environment makes a huge difference

  • Tracking progress with accountability

  • Identifying and dealing with underlying issues (e.g. anxiety, emotional trauma, or depression)

The Benefit Working Online

In the past, the options available for people struggling with addiction problems were usually limited by geography. It could be hard to find a something suitable local, and this too often meant people who were desperate for help didn’t have any options. The availability of online counselling has been a total game changer. Some of the benefits of this way of working include:

  • Clients can choose from counsellors from around the globe

  • It is possible to arrange sessions for any time of the day or night

  • Clients often feel more comfortable in their home environment

  • It is far more convenient (e.g. no need to travel anywhere)

  • Help can be available almost immediately

Hope Online Treatment and Counselling

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand we have created online treatment for clients who intend to join our residential treatment program. This involves working with counsellors and other members of the team to increase motivation, stay safe, and prepare for rehab so that when they arrive, clients are able to get the most of the experience. You can find out more about Hope Online Treatment by clicking on this link.

It is also possible for your loved one to work with a member of our team before committing to rehab. This can be useful for people who are still unsure about the need for treatment or who may be in denial about the severity of the problem. You can find out more about this kind of help by visiting our online help page by clicking here.

If you are finding that your attempts to help your loved one are an exercise in frustration, please do consider making use of our online services.

Family Guide Download pdf

Topics covered in this booklet include: the nature of addiction, signs of addiction, getting help for a loved one, and family life in recovery. Living with a partner who is caught up in addiction is a rollercoaster ride. This is not something we sign up for, but once we are caught up in the madness, it can be hard to just walk away. Even as things continue to deteriorate, we desperately hope that the person we fell in love will one day return.

Mothers and fathers can miss the signs of alcohol or drug abuse for a long time, and it doesn’t mean they are bad parents. Teenagers can quickly become skilled at hiding the effects of substance use, and it is easy to blame changes in their behaviour on the normal ups and downs of adolescence. This is why it is so important for parents to be looking for out for signs of drug abuse, and to act on any intuition they might have that something is wrong with their child.

Download here…..

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