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A Lot of People Struggling With An Addiction Won’t Quit Because

Waiting for things to improve so you can quit an addiction is like waiting to get fit before taking up exercise.Waiting for the right time to quit is dangerous because the mind will always be able to come up with another reason to delay.

A Lot of People Struggling With An Addiction Won’t Quit Because2020-12-01T08:33:58+07:00

The Yin and Yang of Recovery

A balanced recovery is a strong recovery, and this is where we have a good mix of spiritual, physical, and mental activities in our life. A common mistake we make in recovery is to put all of our eggs into one basket. We become obsessed with exercise, work, or a new relationship and it leads to imbalance.

The Yin and Yang of Recovery2020-11-09T06:48:27+07:00

Turn Off the Noise

Research shows that reducing our exposure to news and social media can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and make us less prone to negative mental states. Here are some exercises to help you turn off the noise.

Turn Off the Noise2020-10-26T05:54:52+07:00

How Self-Hypnosis Increases Positive Change

Our conscious mind is like the monkey who is giddy on power and constantly barking commands, but it is really our unconscious mind that determines our behavior. The reason why so many of us struggle to make positive changes in our life is because our monkey doesn’t have the cooperation of our elephant.

How Self-Hypnosis Increases Positive Change2020-10-16T11:41:21+07:00

Bindabat – The Real Meaning Behind the Thai Buddhist Alms Round

Bhikkhu is the title for a fully-ordained monk in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and can be translated as ‘one who lives on alms’. The idea is that by getting support from lay people, the monks will not need to work. They can then focus all of their attention on their spiritual practices in pursuit of enlightenment.

Bindabat – The Real Meaning Behind the Thai Buddhist Alms Round2020-10-02T09:25:18+07:00