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Episode 18 – King Baby

Who are you calling a ‘King Baby’? Don’t worry, this is not an insult but a useful way of looking at certain negative personality traits associated with addiction, so we can begin to overcome them.

Episode 18 – King Baby2017-11-16T17:24:21+07:00

Episode 17 – Shame

Podcast Episode 17 - Shame Image by Libertinus Yomango Hope Mindful Compassion Show - Episode 17 - Samina Talks About Shame Hosts: [...]

Episode 17 – Shame2017-11-16T17:24:21+07:00

Motivated Reasoning

Ever heard of motivated reasoning? Find out how it leads us to feeling 'right' about doing things that harm ourselves and others and why the internet is making it worse.

Motivated Reasoning2017-11-16T17:24:22+07:00

How Imagined Realities Create Dissatisfaction with Life

Our ideas about how life 'should be' can bring us into conflict with reality to such an extent that we begin to feel alienated and lost. The ability of humans to experience 'imagined realities' has allowed us to take over the planet, but it may also be a reason for why we turn to drugs for solace when things don't match our expectations.

How Imagined Realities Create Dissatisfaction with Life2017-11-16T17:25:01+07:00